My name is Gigi. I’m living in Kuala Lumpur, but I grew up in the East Coast of Malaysia. I’m a volunteered guitar teacher and a psychology student.

“Malaysia truly Asia”, familiar? I think one of the most beautiful things about Malaysia is the diversity. Each region has its own unique characteristics, that makes Malaysia a colorful country. And oh the food! We’re crazy about food. Malaysians and their food. You will see people eating everywhere. While walking on the street, shopping, by the road side, stuck in the traffic, and driving! And guess what? We have restaurants that open 24 hours (in case if we couldn’t sleep at 3a.m. What do you do? You eat!).
Malaysia has indeed developed itself massively in the past 50 years. Skyscrapers everywhere, MRT, countless shopping malls in the city center, etc. But there’s something we refuse to upgrade. For instance, the local coffee shops scene. 50 years ago, to take away drinks means you’ll take away your tea or coffee in a clear plastic bag, tied around one side with a raffia string. Today, we still proudly walk around sipping our drinks in the same plastic bag method. Some culture norms and habits (good & bad) are still well preserved

Malaysians are fairly laidback and friendly. When I was travelling, some travelers told me that Malaysians are one of the friendliest people they’ve met. So there you go. Food, beautiful Islands, mountains and friendly people. Even though I’ve been living here all my life, this country never cease to fascinate me with its diverse colorful culture.

Gigi Leong


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