Just like every third guy in my country, I am an IT professional. I work in web analytics and I work with interesting website stuff. As a person I have interesting stories about my very unusual experiences in life. Many of these happened along with the autor of this site (with Pablo), like the foodiieez club we started, the private jet we flew and other amazing things we did in Argentina.

I am in India and currently living here but I plan to my project global. Right now I am working on a www.Arbunize.com  and bringing it to Latin America to help people with career choices and build their impressive portfolios of work.

My country is a dream destination for many many people and they have many different thoughts about India. I meet many travellers to host and I ask them there experiences and I can summarize it like this:

‘Indian experience’ is an explosion of your senses, viz;

Vision: You see so colourful attires, buildings and culture. Your eyes will never see a boring view.

Sound: You get blasted by the noise here in India. Vehicles honking, animals and even people talk in a loud voice.

Smell: Your nose will be very busy, either smelling nice food, nice ambiences or even foul smell sometimes on the streets. Each place will give you something peculiar of its own.

Touch: There are so many people. It is hard to avoid contact, people will be inside your zone each time you take a public transport. It’s even common for beggars to touch you and ask for money.

Taste: India is a culinary delight. Your taste buds will go nuts trying each cuisine. There are just so many countless tastes available to satiate your appetite.

In short, at each 100Kms, the culture, food, language and clothes change in India. No one has seen it all to say that one knows India, it is a unique experience for each and every traveller who wishes to experience it.


Shivam Dhawan


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